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Good evening everyone! Hope you all had a good week!

My Little Sweetheart 3 is doing well, and today, we’re going to confirm a project has been hinted at previously.

My Little Sweetheart 3 was a spring and summer themed anthology, so it seemed natural to consider a book that would focus on the accompanying seasons of fall and winter. And, since the period inlcudes the holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year, we have decided to title our book “My Little Sweetheart: Happy Holidays”

The release of the book will be preceded by a small ‘teaser’ folio of Halloween images during the Halloween period. Then, and after the planned test print in Novemebr, we will releas the artbook in Decemebr, first in its printed form. The final release wil include the previously released Halloween images. And of course, there will be an e-book release a month after the book’s ‘printed’ release.

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A bit of a preview of things to come in a couple months. But to all my artist friends out there, if you’d like to contribute to a charity project without having to dump a bucket of whatever on your head here’s your chance! Remember, applications are reviewed and put through an approvals process. However, don’t let that stop you from sending them a message saying you’re interested, because that’s all it takes to apply.


My Little Sweetheart 3: Summer Break will be releasing this Sunday, the 24th of August, at 12pm, EST.

This art book features all your favorite girls enjoying fun in the sun for their summer break!

There are over 40 talented artists that have worked on this book:

  • Atryl 
  • Siden 
  • Lizombie 
  • Kloudmutt 
  • Maniac Paint
  • Derpii
  • Holivi
  • Spindles
  • Hinghoi
  • Ric-M
  • Click here to see the full artist lineup for MLS 3!

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Little side project I collaborated on the back cover and center spread for.

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The face of a broken man 

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Just got around to uploading this cover I made a few months ago with Chris Ehnot.

Just got around to uploading this cover I made a few months ago with Chris Ehnot.

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Full resolution version here:

Full resolution version here: